Run your business in one system

For stores and retail business 
  • Clear POS software

  • Flawless inventory

  • Bonus points, special offers, and discounts

For restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias 
  • Connected BOH and FOH

  • Automated delivery

  • Loyalty program

For salons and service businesses 
  • Multi-channel online appointments

  • E-customer registry

  • Inventory control and auto release of materials

CRM system for proactive sales 
  • All leads in one system

  • Cloud-based telephony

  • Sales funnel and reports

Corporate portal and task manager 
  • In-company social network

  • Tasks, projects, and plans

  • Staff onboarding and training

Webinars and video communications 
  • Registration-free calls

  • Meetings on the go

  • No time limits

HR e-doc workflow 
  • Document signing on any device

  • Employee personal account

  • Local or cloud-based data storage

  • All EDI message types

  • Keeping deliveries under control

  • Sped up order processing

Internal document workflow 
  • Electronic approvals

  • Deadline monitoring

  • Business workflow designer

Access from any device

The Internet and a phone are all you need to work in Setty from anywhere in the world. Messages, tasks, documents, and reports—these are just a few features Setty mobile version can offer.