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With integrated e-doc workflow and the largest database of companies with contact info.

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For head managers
  • keep an eye on your sales team
  • follow the sales stats
  • help underperformers
  • account for the department performance
For sales specialists
  • schedule contact activities
  • put down the results
  • issue invoices
  • keep payments in check
For marketing specialists
  • analyze advertising campaigns
  • increase your website conversion rate
  • find out what stimulates the customers to submit requests

Fuss-free tools
for managers

Customer profile cards

Deal list

Status of each deal, its stage, and the next step a salesperson should take.


Setty stores client info: company name and details, phone numbers, addresses, and events related to the company.

Interaction history

Here you can find the client interaction timeline: calls, field visits, shipments, and payments.

All interactions in one window

Benefit from using several communication channels at once, use chats to get and send messages, collect requests in one place.







Video calls and communications

Give presentations staying inside. Send a video call link to your customer to join without registration. Share your screen, draw charts and graphs on the virtual board, and add colleagues to the call.

Automate the sales process

Robots and triggers

Shorten your sales cycle and get the sale by using series of automated emails and ads. Robots react to the customer’s specific action and forward the deal to a new stage.

generation of proposals and invoices

Set the templates only once and work faster. This way, the employee saves time on creating documents and can be sure that the customer doesn’t get something extra.

Effective team management

Keep an eye on team activity and engagement

Violation tracking

The system tracks the employee computer activity and the sites they are visiting.

Time allocation

The calendar allows to enter the time spent on specific tasks. You get a clear picture of how much time the routine takes.

Productivity of your sales team

Right in CRM, create sales plans for the department. Select or set your KPI’s to calculate bonuses.

Check lists for sales team

Create a scenario of a deal close or of a status change. It’s impossible to close the deal without going through all the steps. Each lead will be processed the right way.

Ready-made scripts

Sell more with a thought through dialog with a customer. Find the ready-made script templates in the system, change them to meet your needs, or add new ones. Monitor your team using the scripts and stay on top of your sales.

KPI’s and motivation

Visualization and KPI’s calculation

Automatic filling out, overview and signing in the cloud. Calculate KPI’s based on any document: sales doc, invoice, payment, work order, receipt, trip ticket.

Badges and achievements

More than 100 badges in the collection—use a template or upload your own one. The system sends out badges automatically, for a late clock-in or a plan fulfillment.

Ratings and races

Top performers can compete in individual ratings.After the race is over, the indicators are converted into monetary incentives.

Sales funnel and visual reports

Reporting on the department performance made simple. The CRM instantly presents you with the stats on leads, sales, and deal amounts. You can see where you are currently and take timely measures to fulfill your sales targets 100%.

make each salesperson
meet their targets

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